Conquer Or Die

World Boss is a high-end guild that spans across multiple MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). The name “World Boss” is derived from the title given to the absolute most difficult monsters encountered in video games. As implied, the World Boss guild seeks to live up to it’s title by striving to become the most powerful force in every game they enter.

So, Here’s What We Did

Due to the hardcore and intense nature of the World Boss guild’s activities, as well as their internal pressure to play competitively at a high caliber of skill, our design focused on portraying that ferocity with a rugged, primal design for their branding. During their quest for excellence, World Boss required powerful tools to help seek out new players. We designed a graphical showcase highlighting their guild information, an opening video sequence for their YouTube videos, as well as a promotional video for recruitment. Finally, we closed everything out with some awesome print work for t-shirts, hoodies, cellphone cases, mousepads and more.

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Engaging The Audience

World Boss often featured several videos showcasing their gameplay. We knew that a solid opening sequence would instantly grab the viewer’s attention. Using custom footage from their current game of choice, we designed a great compilation that showcased the energy and ferocity of the guild and maintained the “grunge” feel of their branding. After pulling together footage from World Boss’s gameplay, we also created a specialized recruitment video set to a highly engaging soundtrack to help guild promotion.

A Show Of Force

This design was pretty tricky. World Boss wanted a branding that would show clearly on both light and dark backgrounds, without needing to be changed. We went through several color options before deciding to just keep it simple – black, white, and the blood of their enemies red. The bold crimson worked beautifully with flat white and black colors, creating a sharp contrast that gives the red a strong pop. For the font, we started with a custom “old earth” style typography that maintained a fantasy appeal, while being easily recognizable. To give the branding a more feral appearance, we instantly thought of a three-claw slash ripping through the background of the logo that would reveal the deep crimson color in the pallet. The final touch was to add a dark grunge texture to the backdrop, bringing focus and giving weight to the center of the branding.

World Boss

Launch Project

ClientWorld BossIndustryGamingServicesWeb + Branding + Video + Design + PrintYear2015

400 Winchester Trl, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30339

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