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The best multimedia speaks measures of a brand's presence. We create powerful & engaging media content for Websites, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat — everything!


It’s true that a great website can help your company or brand thrive online, but one of the most powerful tools to compliment a website is digital multimedia. Pretty generic term, right? There are thousands of different formats of media available today and they’re all dumped into one category. To make things easy, here are the multimedia formats we think you’d probably be interested in:

  • YouTube Videos or Branded Openings
  • Video Commercials or Advertisements (TV or Online)
  • Social Media Video Posts (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Videos for Your Website (Instructional, Promotional, Showcase)
  • Streaming Layout Designs (Live online presentations: Google, YouTube, Twitch, etc.)
  • Music & Sound Effects (To include in all of the above)

A great presentation speaks measures of a company or brand’s presence. We live in an age where people want information as fast as possible; take advantage of that. If you’re struggling to get more traffic to your website, or just need to inform people about a service, a great video will do that in a fraction of the time it takes people to read about it.

With engaging music and strong visuals (and maybe a little humor), not only can you inform your audience about a topic quickly, but a great video can promote – and sell – any product or service in just under 30 seconds. Now that is a big deal. People can share your videos too; before long, your product or service is being shared all across the web to thousands of people. That’s free advertising! And let’s be real… who doesn’t like free?

At Vextris, our multimedia production services cover almost every platform, software and format available. From website video content and social media advertisements, to audio clips and streaming presentations, we do it all.

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