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A great website design requires the perfect mix of both art and science. Designers work hard to strike a balance between creating a responsive website that runs quickly and looks great on mobile devices, while also having a sleek and professional look and feel that positively reflects your business’s brand identity or objective. Simple custom web design is easy, but the best web design companies are the ones that will create a site that engages your customers while using effective strategies to give you optimal returns to your website, as well as convert your visitors into customers.

Vextris is a design firm that does both: we build engaging, beautiful websites that run strong and provide the tools to empower your business. And we are good. Really good.

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Creative Web Design

Our creative web design process takes the most optimal approach for every project. No matter what style of website you’re looking for, we pre-plan and structure each portion of your site to flow as naturally as possible, all while telling your story. Each section of your website is crafted with painstaking detail to ensure maximum engagement with your audience. Our advanced UI/UX (User Interface/User eXperience) designs carry your visitors throughout your site, showcasing beautiful content animations and powerful imagery, all without breaking the immersive experience.

Consultation & Strategy

Websites are so much more than just fancy, online business cards with a web address: they’re tools used to propel businesses and brands into the market and are usually the first impression that companies will ever make to the public. Unfortunately, it happens far too often — we hear a business say they’ve created their website with an online website builder. They pay hundreds to thousands of dollars every year in fees for a website that has virtually no impact on their business.

So, what’s the solution? Our best advice we can offer is this: Like any investment in your business, just be smart. Don’t cut corners. Don’t make careless decisions or aim for “good enough”; you’re only hurting yourself. Do your research (if you can) and consult with the professionals. Most design companies will offer a free initial consultation like we do. You should never pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for a website that does nothing for your business. It’s that simple.

“We find solutions to fit within your budget,
not raise our price to match it.”

Our first objective for every web project is to consult with you and your team. We want to know how you envision your future website will be, and how you see yourself benefiting from your website in the future. What goals are you trying to achieve with your website? Does your company struggle with certain tasks, and can your new website help strengthen that? Do you have a budget plan to cover the overhead costs of a new website? We take everything into account to create a powerful tool you can actually use.

At Vextris, we find solutions to fit within your budget, not raise our price to match it. Based on your goals, we strategize and offer solutions that maximize the impact and functionality of your site while minimizing the overall cost as much as possible. It’s pretty awesome!

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